Avian Behavioral Consultation

Avian Behavioral Consultation

Have a problem bird? Considering re-homing because of screaming or biting? Far too often birds are re-homed or placed into shelters because of false expectations and a lack of information and support prior to adoption or purchase. We understand the frustration and heartbreak that can occur when a situation goes seemingly out of control and you feel that you have no options. There are however, steps that can be taken to prevent or eliminate many of these problem behaviors.

With Fauna’s ‘At Home Behavioral Consultations’ we will observe your bird’s interaction with your family and it’s environment, then carefully develop a plan of realistic expectations and behavioral modification techniques custom for your situation. Not every bird is the same, and each species has particular characteristics that are innate behaviors that can manifest into perceived problems in your home. Let our years of experience help you find peace again with your feathered friend.

Avian Behavioral History Form (PDF)


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